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    Who is First Choice Health?

    First Choice Health, a healthcare company, regards providing wound care supplies, surgical supplies, and other disposable medical products as its responsibility.

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    What materials does First Choice Health use?

    Mainly through high-quality non-woven fabrics to produce PPE products. In addition, disposable products like nitrile gloves are also made of high-quality raw materials - pure nitrile. Including refined cotton products, the use of high-quality cotton.

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    What types of products does First Choice Health produce?

    We have devoted ourselves to manufacturing, R&D, and marketing cotton-based medical dressings, disposable medical products, and consumer products.

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    What certifications and standards does First Choice Health meet?

    The entire product lines in the disposable medical products market are registered with the FDA and numerous ISO certifications. They conform to pharmacopeia rules in the EU, US, Japan, and China.

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    What is the product warranty?

    A limited lifetime warranty covers First Choice Health against defects in material and artistry for the product's everyday life. This warranty does not cover normal wear, abuse, accidents, neglect, or damage caused by using the product for a purpose other than intended.

    Please note that gloves are designed for specific applications and that when working with highly abrasive or corrosive materials, even high-quality gloves will experience accelerated wear. Please ask us for a recommendation if you have questions about applying a glove for specific use. First Choice Health are not fire-resistant. DO NOT expose to open flame or areas of intense heat.

    Warranty claims should be submitted through our website. Products suffering from defects in material or artistry should be returned to First Choice Health, freight prepaid by the sender. A Return Authorization is required. To submit a claim, please get in touch with Customer Service will respond via e-mail with your Return Authorization number. When your return is received, we will repair or replace the item at our discretion.

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    Can I get some samples to test out before ordering the product?

    Of course, you can. We provide a free sample delivery service, you can contact us to tell us your needs. We'll try to be content.

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    What are your prices?

    According to the market situation and the actual situation of the order, the specific price, please get in touch with our salesman in time, and we will send a PI according to your needs and demands.

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    Do you have a minimum order quantity?

    Yes, we go on a wholesale basis. The specific minimum quantity depends on the customer's situation, and please get in touch with our salesman.

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    Can you supply the relevant documentation?

    We are happy to provide any customer requirements or qualifications and all related questions; if the customer has individual needs, we can also apply separately.

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    What is the average lead time?

    Depending on the order quantity, the maximum time is 3 days, and the minimum is 7 days.

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    What kinds of payment methods do you accept?

    We will flexibly provide different payment methods according to the order situation and customer needs. Customers can order directly through TT, Paypal, LC, or Alibaba's platform.

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    Do you guarantee safe and secure delivery of products?

    We will use high-specification and high-quality packaging. We will ensure that all goods are packaged without any problems before delivery. We will add protective nets in the transportation process according to customer requirements.

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    How about the shipping fees?

    According to the customer's logistics needs.

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