Panty Liner

  • Silk pads are made of high-grade silk as the raw material

  • Utilize it to prevent allergies to delicate human skin

  • Details of natural skin affinity

  • Natural anti mite, antibacterial, and anti mold

  • Rich in 18 types of amino acids that are easily absorbed by the skin, making a pure, natural, safe, and healthy new type of health product

It can effectively prevent the occurrence of itching and allergic symptoms in women's private skin, and has the effect of eliminating odors and reducing inflammation.

Panty Liner Features

Panty liners, designed for everyday use, offer discreet and comfortable protection against light menstrual flow and minor leaks. Their slim and flexible design ensures a secure fit within underwear, providing an extra layer of absorbency and moisture-wicking properties. Many panty liners come with adhesive backing to prevent shifting and bunching, ensuring a seamless experience. They are often made from breathable materials to enhance comfort and reduce the risk of irritation. Additionally, some panty liners feature odor control technology, keeping users feeling fresh throughout the day. Their convenience and effectiveness make them a popular choice for women seeking daily freshness and confidence.

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