Sterile Equipment Covers

Sterile equipment covers are part of the hygienic measures for medical examinations or surgeries. They enable non-sterile equipment for aseptically performed diagnostic or therapeutic procedures on the human body. Properly fitted, the covers form a sterile barrier around the device. Likewise, they prevent contamination by transferring microorganisms or body fluids from the patient to the device. Clean equipment covers protect patients, medical staff and medical equipment. In particular, the protection against germs should be emphasised here.

Sterile Equipment Covers Features

  • Elastic Bands: Ensure a snug fit around equipment, preventing slippage or contamination from entering underneath the cover.

  • Transparent Windows: Some covers have transparent sections, allowing visibility of dials, screens, or indicators without removing the cover.

  • Custom Sizing: Available in various sizes and shapes to fit different equipment and instruments.

  • Sterility Indicators: Some covers come with external indicators to show if the cover is still sterile and safe to use.

Sterile Equipment Covers Applications

  • Operating Rooms: Covering surgical equipment during procedures to maintain sterility.

  • Laboratories: Protecting sensitive lab equipment from dust and microbial contamination.

  • Cleanrooms: Ensuring that equipment used in semiconductor manufacturing or pharmaceutical production remains uncontaminated.

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