Medical Non-woven

First Choice Health Nonwovens serves the medical industry with nonwovens that offer the features and advantages needed for a vast array of medical products. We are your source for nonwovens made from polyester, rayon, cotton, and blends to meet any needs. Our variety of resins allow us to create nonwovens specifically suited for medical products.

While many producers of medical nonwovens serve only high volume orders, WPT Nonwovens is happy to serve all needs. Whether you are a large or small medical manufacturer, we are ready and able to meet your requirements with affordable, high-quality nonwovens.

Depending upon application needs, our nonwovens can be bonded and treated to provide the necessary characteristics for a variety of medical products.

Advantages of Medical Non-woven Materials

Medical non-woven materials offer advantages such as high breathability, excellent barrier properties, softness, and absorbency. They are lightweight, cost-effective, and provide a physical barrier against contaminants, making them essential in medical and surgical environments.

What Medical Applications Use Non-woven Materials?

Non-woven materials play a pivotal role in numerous medical applications, ensuring hygiene, safety, and convenience within healthcare settings. These versatile fabrics are extensively used in surgical gowns, masks, and drapes, providing a protective barrier for healthcare professionals during procedures. Additionally, non-woven materials are crucial components of wound dressings, medical wipes, and disposable bedding, promoting cleanliness and reducing the risk of infections. They are also employed in sterile packaging, maintaining the sterility of medical devices and instruments until use. Moreover, these materials find application in absorbent pads, orthopedic supports, and surgical caps, enhancing patient comfort and aiding in various medical treatments. With their lightweight, breathable, and absorbent properties, non-woven materials contribute significantly to maintaining high standards of healthcare by ensuring the safety and well-being of both patients and medical staff.

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